What is Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness?


Is a master school, designed to bring intelligent Quantum knowledge, conscious alignment & vibrational actions into your DAILY life by your own unique design & Intention.

Via the 4 Vibrational Bodies. The Physical Body, the Emotional Body, the Mental Body and Spiritual Body! The real YOU.

4 Bodies, Quantum Lore, Knowledge & Authority = Self Mastery!

A Master is Self Governing, Self Determining & Self Procuring!

Natural Game changers, shine intelligent reform into every scenario in our world. Whether a workplace, business or home, these bring organisation, wisdom and efficiency to every relationship and interaction. These work with systems, to bring balance and order in their field of expertise and to all relationships.

Our QUANTUM LIVING WITH 4 BODY WELLNESS SCHOOLS and Conference Schools, attracts Game Changers, Teachers, Healers and Leaders who specialise in their field of expertise and want to lift their focus and skills to new Quantum knowledge. They want the new way to operate.

The Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness School is a one on one, or 4 Day Conference School experience that will totally consolidate old knowledge with new Quantum knowledge, and give you the Universal Lore’s on how to bring effect to every desire and intention. This is so clearly taught in a new formula that accelerates one from effort and hard work, to living the desired outcomes.

Not seen before in this simple format, Ruth Elisabeth has design an accelerated process to attain all anticipated results. It is truly genius.

If you are want to experience a new paradigm of thought and action, this new method is for you!

Live Your Plan A

Because when you don’t need a Plan B, you have reached the life that you were put here to live and struggle, pain, frustration dissolve into white noise that has no bearing on your life. Anymore.

Create happy relationships. With everyone.

Navigate a career or business that ignites you daily, energizes you and gives you reason to LOVE getting up in the mornings again.

Live with the feeling of finally having DONE it, having reached your place of “YES! THIS is what I’ve been looking for!”

Plan A is also living full and wide open, doing the things you love and never finding yourself at the mercy of your emotions or those of the people around you.

Let me say that again.

Never finding yourself at the mercy of your emotions or at the mercy of those around you.

No more fights with the boss that derail your productivity, your sense of well-being, or your sense of sovereignty.

No more struggles that keep you locked in spaces of feeling not good enough.

No more wondering WHEN is YOUR life going to be what you grew up thinking it would be.

"Don't Play The Game! What a liberating program!! Ruth you have truly found the holy grail! I feel empowered, focused and free to create, manifest and be wonderfully whole. I encourage everyone to go work with Ruth and discover your FULL potential ❤🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤

Colleen Zambelli QLD

Stand tall in the face of conflict

Find utter contentment even in the most mundane activities

Experience the true serenity of a life well lived

And live your PLAN A. Always.

If you aren’t living this way now, the problem isn’t you. And it’s not that you aren’t “doing the work” of growth. You are! And you SHOULD already BE in this place by now. Or at least, that’s what it feels like.

But the problem is the process.

Crystals, Reiki, Shamanism, Buddhism, Alternative Sciences...all the modalities of healing the past wounds of this world are FABULOUS. And they do amazing things for people.

But there is more to inner development than just those processes alone.

You are a Being of this Universe. You are a SOUL in a human body. What is this stuff that keeps you upright on your feet? What is it and what can you do with it? You have emotions that indicate and dictate how you interact with those in your life. You also think and react with a mind that is trained, from birth, to protect itself from harm and inconvenience.

Therefore, you need a modality of growth that incorporates all the parts of you that there are.

Because only healing your physical body means your mental body may get left behind.

Likewise, only developing your physical or mental body, means the emotional parts of you remains may unsolved.

You’re made up of four different bodies of energy and matter, so when you work to heal one part of you (usually your mind or your emotions), you end up healing only PART of you.

Take some kids who are left, for hours a day, at the daycare when they’re little, but they’re not the kind of kids who thrive being away from their parents.

This can leave an emotional mark on them as they grow older, making them feel as though everyone will leave them the way their parents did. Thanks to that imprint.

But did you know that mark is also left on their physical energy, as well as their mental and emotional energy?

So even if they grow up to forgive Mom, the wound still remains in parts of their vibrational bodies. And they likely won’t know it unless years of therapy happen to uncover that that is the issue that has lead them to dead-end relationship after dead-end relationship.

Because even using all modalities of healing, it often takes that long to resolve wounds in order to completely rid yourself of the pain that you’ve spent your entire incarnation on this planet curating.

And as long as there are hints and triggers at these pains, you’ll always be at their mercy.

Leaving you prone to:

Dis-ease of the body like auto-immune diseases, migraines, blurred vision, precanerous conditions and more

Being passed over for promotions you have worked hard for in your career

Slow business growth

Delayed personal development

Abusive or imbalanced relationships that do not serve your emotional wellbeing

So, if you want to let go of every single thread of energy (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) that holds you back from living your Plan A, then the real work happens when you heal those parts of you that you do not even realize are holding you back.

Because people who are able to live their Plan A are people who:

  • Have vibrationally harmonised all wrongs and know how to handle themselves in the face of “challenge” (in quotes because challenges don’t really exist to those people)

  • Live a quantum life beyond the seams of this one

  • Are light workers who are no longer at the mercy of the emotions that do not serve their goals so they are able to stay focused on what matters



Ascended Masters

Zen Masters

But in today’s insane world, we barely have time, or the inclination, to BREATHE properly.

So healing all four energy bodies that make us up would take levels of concentration and dedication beyond what most of us have the capacity to muster.

And to achieve that kind of self-mastery that breeds the success of a Plan A life, you need a process that allows you to work with the Quantum Lores of the Universe.

Don’t waste time on the slow road to your goals.

Because you now have access to an unprecedented process that incorporates all four bodies into the growth you need and couples with Quantum Lore (the integral relationship of the Soul within the Universe and so our external experience) adding knowledge and authority to help you accelerate your self-mastery, giving you access to your Plan A life.

This is the key to unlock your highest potential by allowing you access to the secrets of your own Soul, plus those of the Universe, so you can make decisions and take action that support your wildest dreams.

And we are bringing them to you. Worldwide.

Welcome to the:


Tick off the boxes of your highest life goals light years ahead of schedule.
Experience your absolute BEST dreams today, not decades from now.

And unlock the entire essence of who you are so that no one and nothing are able to stop you. Ever.

You will no longer:

Accept less than what your heart longs to have/do/be

Find yourself locked in stressful situations that drain you of your mental and physical energy

Live a life less than you dream

When you experience the Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness School, you:

  • Wake up energized and excited about the days that lay ahead because you know that great things are in store for you

  • Release the “woes me” mentality that locks you in vibrational states that are out of alignment with your heart

  • Quickly take on the habits and behaviors that help you see the world, make the money that you want to make, and create the relationships that make your heart flutter


"VIBRATIONAL MATCHING is amazing😊 I did this & within a day I got positive results & 2 things I asked for I received & came true ❤️️ & I had been waiting for a very long time. Magic ready does happen if you believe in your higher self 😇,very big thank you Ruth Elisabeth you truely are an earth 🌏 angel 😇 mother ❤️️😊🌞🌝⭐️🌟💫🦄🐬🦀xoxoxo

Penelope Spinks WA

Make the money you want to make.

Create the business and life that ignites you.

And LOVE with all of your being.

Thanks to your new Quantum connected Life...to live your Plan A.

And this process works is by:

  • Removing the hidden vibrational matches in you that attract your Plan B experiences so you are no longer able to call in anything except your Plan A life

  • Removing hidden vibrational influences, that normally take years to remove with therapy, within 20 hours of active teaching, attunements and 30 days of working with you remotely

  • Unveiling Quantum Universal Lores that express who you are, why you’re here, and what you need to do to achieve those Universal goals

  • Unlocking your specific Quantum Lores for 4 Body Wellness - Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Bodies - so that you are able to shift habits, behaviors and routines with ease

  • Revealing knowledge that brings you up to speed on universal, global, community and individual relations so you can optimize them and use that knowledge to make better decisions in your life

  • Create attunements and energetic activations, with the Diamond Energy, that shifts your life from struggle and frustration to sheer opulence

  • Teaching you how to be a Light Worker to work with Universal Lores so that you can share and spread the power of the knowledge you’ve unlocked to help create a better life and a better world for those around you

  • Helping you master VIBRATIONAL MATCHING so that you make choices in your life based on your Plan A

  • Activating and opening the Heart Chakra that so it is the source of the choices you make and the actions you take in your life, creating serenity, harmony, and strength

  • Bringing clarity, determination and precision to your vision through Vibrational Matching

  • Teaching you how to apply your new knowledge and decision-making process to every part of your life, including business, relationships, family, community, leadership, workplace, resulting in massive shifts in ALL areas of your life

  • Creating and achieving your new DESTINY for 2019!

  • Coaching you until you’ve got it!


The Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness School contains five parts that unlock the programming that keeps you living your current reality. If you’re ready to let go of your Plan B, this is how we’ll do it:

1. The Light Body setup with Diamond Light Code teaching and connection.

Over the course of 4-6 hours, we literally defrag your 4 Bodies to reset your Diamond Bio Energy Field. Your physical brain chemistry is reset, which balances your hormones and the chemicals within the physical body. This process, alone, heals mental, emotional, and physical wounds associated with mental health addictions, anxiety, and even schizophrenia, menopause, chronic pain and sleep disorders.

Most who attend this portion of the Quantum Living 4 Body Wellness School walk away from their meds within weeks.

Once that’s done, you’ll go through a reignition of the physical organs and 7 body systems when Diamond Bio Energy is run through multiple pathways for you. This reactivates your original DNA within your original vibrational blueprint. It reconnects you with your body intelligences who go to work on your behalf. This also aids in healing the body and bringing alignment.

We clear and activate your heart and Heart Chakra. 

You’ll also clear Pain Bodies from all past lifetimes, dimensions and recycle this left behind energy drag to the 5D, which is then reused as purified energy daily, which helps heal, distress, pain, Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and the like.

This session of the school is one of the most intense and goes deeper than you can imagine, as this goes deep within the surface. Attendees for this portion of the school walk away changed forever, physically, mentally, emotionally.

We reconnect you with your amazing Board of Directors that was shown to Ruth through vision. This is the pièce de résistance of the entire school! A phenomenon that we prepare you for. It is what you have been waiting for. 

2. Don't Play the Game! A multidimensional construct on an A4 piece of paper and is pure genius! This 1 1/2 hour seminar on the multidimensional system that we live in demonstrates how energy works within our cellular system in connection between the 3D and 5D dimensions. This reorders the mental and emotional bodies constructs, two very different parts of you that wants to know. That needs to know. That explains so much! To the intelligent part of you, this speaks volumes because you suspected it, but couldn't put your finger on it. But now you will see it so clearly!

It specifically teaches your own interrelations with Quantum Lores, like the Lore of Reflection, the Universe of Inclusion as Creators working in Alignment with the Soul (and yet projecting into every moment, often things that we don't want), the Law of Duality (which is triggered in seconds and assists you in being able to quickly recognise your own position, to reposition in Alignment with the Greater you and therefore with what you are focused on).

And more. This section shows you how you live as a Quantum Human, how you operate via Vibrational Quantum Lore and is an operation manual for life. 70-99% of people walk out of this school changed with just this knowledge and never go back to The Game!

3. VIBRATIONAL MATCHING. This unique teaching, teaches on such hidden Lores and the 2 vibrational alignments that most will rarely get to understand. It just has never all been put together like this. The vibrational fabric, makeup and operation of the Lore of Acquisition and its 2 lessor lores. Understand this and Plan B must dissolve to make way for Plan A creating. This is the point that the LEAP or SHIFT  truly takes place!

4. 3 x 1 hr Diamond Reconnections with qualified Practitioners approved by Diamond Matrix Masters to help you integrate beyond the course, and as new situations arise that will need your new programming to intervene. This is the most vital of work. We permanently open your Heart Chakra and by this time because of your learning, your projections will accelerate you into what you want to live. 

5. 30 days of continued DMM Coaching with our Diamond Active Practitioners. Being a newby in this training means that you can easily apply the new consciousness teaching but must take it home to your real world that you live in. Yes, real relationships, real situations, real work, real places that you met with us to bring change into. We keep you on task with real life application of Universal Lore, IN your real life! Right where YOU live. Its funny how the mind so easily reasons where one will apply it all and where it assumes that it doesn't apply. It applys everywhere! And because you have absorbed so much, the rememberance is vital to inground it into your moment to moment and daily expressions of experiences. There are often more heightened awareness's, knowledge and understanding as you warp into the greater Diamond Energy, as giftings open up and personalises it so much more. So it is vital that you remain in our care until the 30 days are complete. Our Practitioners have both experienced this growth and expansion and know how to facilitate you through it also. 30 days? Usually we all become Soul buddies and hang out for much longer:)

These five phases of the Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness School are the keys to opening up and releasing your Plan A.  

Because when you unlock and create wellness in all FOUR of your energy bodies, you fast-track your life and send yourself hurtling toward your goals.

But not everyone is ready for this kind of success, which is why they stay stuck in dead end relationships and jobs that keep them locked into resistance and struggle. But we simply have not been taught. 

This is not the way that your Soul envisioned this life.

Your Soul came here with your unique story and if you live a life that is out of alignment with your story, with your energies, you’re going to always find pain and problems.

And it’s not as though you WON’T experience success.

Because you can.

But it may not be as complete or as quickly as you like. Why do it hard?

What is it worth to you to let go of the pain and the hurt and the frustrations that keep you on the hamster wheel of this existence?

What is it worth to know that everything you do from now on will bring you deep and lasting joy?

What is it worth to you to bring the best of you to your family, to your relationships, to your career?

Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness literally removes all blocks, patterns, rituals, and behaviors that perpetuate unrest and sadness in your life.

You will finally learn WHY you came here, what you are supposed to be doing here, and how you are supposed to do it.

No more hit and miss.

You can make decisions and take the action, confidently, and live your Plan A life. Once and for all.

The TWO Ways that you can say YES! To your Plan A life:

1. One on One with a Diamond Matrix Masters Diamond Active Practitioner! You can take the self-mastery school one on one to attune your energies, open your heart chakra, and uncover the Universal Lore with your own Diamond Active Practitioner. 

People who choose the route of the one-on-one self-mastery course with a Diamond Practitioner learn and directly experience the language of Quantum vibration and the Diamond Energy, in the privacy of your own space.

You also get to personally work with a Diamond Matrix Masters Diamond Active Practitioner, who ultimately walks you through the most concentrated comprehension of the Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness School journey, its connections and attunements, with wonderous outcomes. Sheer wonder becomes your daily experience. Your Coach/Practitioner will impart the teachings and attunements in the privacy of your own home, via several social media platforms or as suits you personally, for over 20 hours, plus 30 days of coaching. This also includes continued professional development with DMM. During this entire school 70 - 90% of us walk out of grave life situations that, if left uncorrected would lead to ruin, and instead begin self mastery.


2.  You can ATTEND the LIVE, 4-day QUANTUM LIVING WITH 4 BODY WELLNESS CONFERENCE SCHOOL, lead by the founder of the Diamond Matrix Masters process, Ruth Elisabeth, and her Diamond Active Practitioners and Presenters. They will lead and guide you, through the new Diamond Bio-energy transitions throughout the entire process, LIVE! BEYOND the conference, you will be matched with a Diamond Matrix Masters Practitioner for 30 days of coaching that results in solid change, transformation, attunement, accessibility and accountability for further DMM personal and professional development. You also will be connected with a Diamond Reconnection Practitioner for 3 full one-hour sessions of Diamond Reconnection, spanning over 9 days to complete the school.

People who take this school, walk away in another dimension of understanding. Expansion is the keyword that we hear over and over again.

You will see your life history with completely new eyes and with expectation of bringing on the life that you long for, thanks to this new level of understanding that the process conveys.

You will see yourself as a deliberate game changer. Finally.

People who take the course LIVE, enjoy the powerful immersive experience, where teachings and concepts come alive and the language of Quantum vibration is learnt in a dynamic, interactive setting over the four days that gives the live event attendees, a massive advantage when it comes to completing their changes. Think 20 people plus, deliberately connecting into the Diamond Bio Energy and directing it into our worlds, our families, community, our intentions. Magnificent!

“DO THE PROGRAM! It is the FASTEST, EASIEST, EFFORTLESS transformation I have ever experienced & I wish the same for you all." Trisha Brisbane, Australia.


First round of events:

Los Angeles, California 29 - 2 May 2019 

San Francisco              7 - 10 May 2019

Portland, Oregon          14 - 17 May 2019

 Vancouver, BC     21 - 24 2019

See itinerary and East Coast locations.

See dates & book tickets fast!

Spaces for the Quantum Schools are filling fast!




We Teach and Heal by:

  • Emptying your default Vibrational Matching system, that attracts Plan B experiences in life
  • We teach on and remove multiple hidden Vibrational influences that you would never find (with years of therapy) in 20 hours and 30 days of working with you. FAST turn-a-round time!
  • Quantum Universal Lores 
  • Quantum Lores for 4 Body Wellness - Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Bodies
  • Sharing Knowledge to bring you up to speed on Universal, Global, Community and Individual relations
  • Impart through attunements and energetic activations, the Diamond Energy
  • Teaching you how to be a Light Worker and its Universal Lores
  • Teaching you VIBRATIONAL MATCHING to bring swift life redirection to LIVE Plan A, so easy!
  • Activate and open the Heart Chakra
  • Bringing clarity, determination and precision to your vision, with action based activities through Vibrational Matching
  • Teaching you how to do it yourself on any topic of business, relationships, family, community, leadership, workplace
  • Showing you how to activate intelligent Quantum Living and 4 Body Wellness into all areas of your life, your work place, business, family and community.
  • Create and achieve a new DESTINY for 2019!
  • Coach you until you’ve got it!


''If you are reading Ruth's book & think it's interesting or you'd like to experience any part of it, DO THE PROGRAM! It is the FASTEST, EASIEST, EFFORTLESS transformation I have ever experienced & I wish the same for you all." Trisha Brisbane, Australia.

Why do this transformational program?

Oh, where have you gone my lovely, that beautiful, intelligent being – you’ve been buried alive, deep, deep inside below the suppression, depression, expectations, fear, anger, frustration, self-questioning, and pain – oh the excruciating pain! YOU SENSE what love is, YOU SENSE what YOU want, YOU SENSE YOU can do it, YOU SENSE YOU can reach it. But, YOU were never given the tools or taught how! Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness will dissolve and transmute - all this chaos and pain, enslavement and fear, gone – in an instant! We WILL take you on that journey, much faster than you could ever dream. We WILL give you the tools to take your power back, to be in control of yourself and your life once again. We WILL support you as that journey expands to the many wonders and opportunities that WILL open up for you so quickly that you will barely have time to blink. We WILL welcome you with open arms, and teach you all that we know. We WILL give you the opportunity to join in making a career or a life sharing this knowledge and these tools. YOU will be transformed into Quantum 4 Body Wellness.

Precious Souls present themselves to us for many reasons, personal or professional crisis, intimate woundings, mental health, generational dysfunction or influence, physical unwellness and many hidden influences unbeknown to the untrained eye. Many speak of just knowing that they had to meet us for this new way of living. An intelligent mind wanting intelligent engagement to living. All know in their hearts that it is time for a change! It has to be different to what we have been taught. And it is! We talk about and train on subjects, most don't talk about! Valid and relevant experiences, and so there are meanings, reason and explanation!

We have designed Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness to be:

A comprehensive, one on one, 20 hour, plus 30 day coaching space and a private Self Mastery School! Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness, completely arms and empowers you to the point, that most prior conditions can shift and do so quickly. We quickly remove hidden vibrational influences that have repelled abundance and well being, and replace with hidden Universal Lores, connected Inner Relationship with your Greater You, and give Vibrational Matching Techniques that deliberately redesign your life to abundance beyond opulence!

Its life applications are endless! These Principles can be directly transferred into business, career, relationships, parenting and community. Our Diamond Matrix Masters policy is to give YOU, Universal insider knowledge, to deliberately steer your own path with comprehensive certainty. 





Real Attunements & connection

  • 8 hrs of activations & attunements.
  • Learn the fundamentals of the Diamond 4 Body Wellness approach.                     
  • Defrag old matrixes of living.
  • Meet your Board of Directors. Your internal power pack!

DMM unique Tools & Training that is unlike any other coaching program

  • Diamond Light Body and Coaching.
  • An entire defrag of your energetic system
  • Complete balance of your brain chemistry
  • Internal recalibration
  • Full Light Body Set up and training where you experience and learn how you operate as a Light Being.
  • 2 Self Mastery tools to bring Alignment! This negates many hours of meditation for similiar results.
  • Don't Play the Game! A multidimensional construct to know who you really are and how this world system works via Universal Lores.
  • VIBRATIONAL MATCHING A unique teaching on a hidden Lore called the Lore of Acquisition and its lessor Lores that bring or don't bring stuff to us. The secrets within this training will blow your world of opportunity open! 
  • A 20 page booklet on the VIBRATIONAL MATCHING Lores is yours to keep! Your key life question becomes: What do you want to invest in?
  • 3 sessions of Diamond Reconnection. 

We also offer via our DMM Transformation Coaches

* Private individualised face to face sessions

* Zoom/Skype meet ups

* Social media, phone or email support                                                                                                        

* Group Teaching platforms

* Tools & Resources to keep & access daily

* We coach you until you really get it! 


Signs that QUANTUM LIVING WITH 4 BODY WELLNESS is right for you!


THE QUANTUM LIVING WITH 4 BODY WELLNESS SCHOOL is a prerequistite to our Diamond Matrix Masters Coaching and IICT CERTIFIED Diamond 4 Day Healers Schools. To come work with us at Diamond Matrix Masters in 2019. For a great future and global outreach, join us in our vision to raise 1 Billion connected Leaders! (Because that is what we are naturally), to heal, or align just 6 people each and so we heal the world and bring people into their destiny of what they are really here for. 

Great Mathematicians, Great Scientists, New Educators, Global & Community Leaders, Ministering Musicians, Great Teachers and Healers, New Innovators, New Guardianship, New Business and Financial platforms, New Distribution systems. All are here to make the changes we talk about and we all know is inevitable!

Lets not waste another life to nonsense. Lets facilitate you and your loved ones back into a powerful reconnection that simply lays dormant within each of us. It is easy to connect when you know how. It is science, it is Quantum, it is Universal Lore and so must respond. Time to be the person that you came here to be, and live the life that you came to live!


Dear Divine Diary,

Last night the question was asked, "so what has changed in the last 12 months?"

A million things at once jump into my head, leaving one speechless, but led to reflection.

For more years than I can remember, next year has been the year when life will be good, where there will be calm and peace and love - stress less - next year always came and went with no real change.

Then this year arrived: For the first 8 months on the surface nothing changed, I was still as lost and disconnected as I'd ever been, maybe more so. I had been on antidepressants for most of my life - swearing I would never go without them, the black hole was a place I'd visited in the past and never wanted to return too. My family on the surface where being torn apart, which tore me apart, I couldn't get a job, couldn't even get a response, no matter how many I applications I sent out, and the list goes on.

I came accross a book (love books), it was about depression and anti depressants, inspired me to remove them from my life, with my beautiful Doctors support I weaned off them. The insanity rolled in pretty quickly, so back to the meds I go - this time though the mental side effects where worse than the depression- but something else was taking place within me as well. That something was clarity, truly seeing myself and some of what was really going on on the inside, no judgment, no fear, just observation and acknowledgment of what was.

This all coincided with Ruths book, Diamond Matrix Masters Self Mastery Level 1, coming into my life.

Now, what's changed, EVERYTHING has changed, I've changed, my perceptions have changed, no effort involved, just a willingness, that has come naturally, to observe, aknowledge, and be open to expansion.

The synchronicity of it all, the opportunities and possibilities that have opened up, are way way more than I ever dreamed would be possible, are all there for ME, all I have to is say, 'yes' or 'no.' And, I find I don't want to say no, because the joy, the fun, the interesting and beautiful people I am meeting, the things I am doing are truly awesome.

For someone who just a few months ago just wanted to disappear, life has meaning, life has love, life has gifts, life has giving, and I am all of these things.

I have done the Diamond Matrix Masters Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness, with my second reconnection session today, yesterdays session was amazing and beautiful.

I will be doing the training this coming weekend to become a DMM Healer

And so so much more.

There is a huge shift happening, it's life changing, and it is there for each and every one of us -

Infinite Abundance for all humanity
Eternal Peace for all humanity
Perfect Health and Well Being for all humanity

There are many paths that can bring you to this point, my chosen path is the Diamond Matrix Masters

Let the Diamond Energy Flow.

Susan Ludbey, Ballina, NSW, Australia.



"Don't Play The Game! What a liberating program!! Ruth you have truly found the holy grail! I feel empowered, focused and free to create, manifest and be wonderfully whole. I encourage everyone to go work with Ruth and discover your FULL potential ❤🙏🏻❤🙏🏻❤

Colleen Zambelli QLD

"Truly accurate to our lives, Don't Play The Game is an amazing seminar made to release us from the insanity of our lives and quickly propels us into a state of being based on our true vibration. It is aimed at bringing abundance to us and to give us freedom from what is not working in our world. If you feel 'stuck' and wish to move away from everyone elses nonsense into a place of calm, without stress and anxiety, then this is the course for you." 

Liz Taylor Naturopath B.H.SC, (Comp Med) Gold Coast Qld Australia

"VIBRATIONAL MATCHING is amazing😊 I did this & within a day I got positive results & 2 things I asked for I received & came true ❤️️ & I had been waiting for a very long time. Magic ready does happen if you believe in your higher self 😇,very big thank you Ruth Elisabeth you truely are an earth 🌏 angel 😇 mother ❤️️😊🌞🌝⭐️🌟💫🦄🐬🦀xoxoxo

Penelope Spinks WA



For Professional Development as a Master Teacher, Healer & Leader DIAMOND MATRIX MASTERS offers the DMM COACHING PRACTITIONERS SCHOOL!



Is not for the faint hearted! An extensive online course, with face to face and facilitation components and ends in a retreat setting for 9 days. The Diamond Matrix Masters Coaching Practitioners School is a full on training and teaching platform that is a prerequisite to becoming a Healer, Teacher or Diamond Matrix Masters Coach for any of the Diamond Matrix Masters Schools. We connect you to the Diamond Energy which directly influences us in 2019. We teach on its access and Lores, and attune and guide you in the Quantum Living, 4 Body Wellness model. To understand this foundational knowledge and its wisdom is to then to be able to impart it to others and into the world surrounding you, to bring transformation to everything and everyone you look upon to instigate personal, community and societal change. Our DMM Coaching Practitioners School is to align, accelerate and activate precious lives in Self Mastery and to expand our platform as Diamond Matrix Masters globally so that all have access to this wonderful knowledge, healing and teaching. 


To become an updated Healer and Teacher in the Diamond Matrix, or if you wish to become a DMM Transformational Life Coach of our global programs, wherever you are in this world, send in an enquiry for more information. The Diamond Matrix Masters School of Self Mastery will be listed shortly for 2019. 

Alexandra Preston, Naturopath
Diamond Matrix Masters Practitioner
Diamond Matrix Masters 4 Body Wellness


  • Diamond Matrix Masters School of Self Mastery - Level 1 
  • Face to Face Diamond Matrix Masters 4 Body Wellness Suite
  • Children's Heart Rhythm Reset Clinics
  • Retreats and Work Shops
  • Diamond Matrix Masters Coach School
  • Diamond Matix Masters Healers School
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Urgent! We are looking for Healers that impart The Reconnection healing modality. No matter where you are in the world, we want to hear from you. As an integral part of the Diamond Matrix Masters program The Reconnection is most vital and we cannot do it all ourselves! We would love to share our workload with you and bring you onto our team! Contact us today to coordinate with you from our client base, those ready to shift through your healing work. 


Professional Development
Relationship Coaching
Communication Skills
Confidence & Personal Power
Inner Peace
Achieving Balance
Health & Weight Issues
Organisation & Productivity & 
Power Parenting 

Business Woman





A powerful new way of looking at the world. Reach out today and let us share your journey!

Please inquire about our Diamond Matrix Masters packages to get optimal results for lives so precious.