This is a new Bio Field Training School, that activates and trains you in the use and application of DIAMOND LIGHT & HEART BIO FIELD Energy! WE SET UP YOUR LIGHT FREQUENCIES AND TRAIN YOU IN UNIVERSAL LORE to implement it into your daily experience! Its applications are endless! To Heal, to Create, to Direct! Knowledge is power and with this knowledge you come in to your power!

This is a Master School, designed to bring intelligent Quantum knowledge, conscious 12 Strand DNA activation & 5D alignment & vibrational actions into your DAILY life by your own unique design & intention.

After the successful birth of our NEW BOOK, Diamond Matrix Masters Self Mastery Level 1, by Ruth Elisabeth, we are bringing this acclaimed School right to you! Come and experience the transformational Diamond Matrix Masters 4 Body Wellness Intensive in our School near you! Usually a 4-Day Heart opening experience. Witness and live the Soul-driven, soul-referred life changing formula., We are imparting the 20 plus hours in 3 days, and 30 days of follow up coaching and 3 sessions of Diamond Reconnection. This is intense, swift, but assured. 

If you want to be updated on Universal, Global, and Spiritual Relations and meet hundreds of new soul family members from across the world, then attend this incredibly inspiring event.

Want your life to be transformed?  Do you want to transform the lives of others? This is the new Diamond Bio Field School of Transformation. Learn it from Diamond Active Practitioners! If you want to become a Diamond Practitioner, then start here, join us. This is the beginning of that journey also.

It is time for a new way of living QUANTUM LIVING - In Self Mastery!

                                                        Diamond Matrix Masters is running the QUANTUM LIVING with 4 BODY WELLNESS SCHOOL


What you will get: 

   A LIVE comprehensive, deeply immersive School, that includes, yes, the full 20 hour, Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness School plus 30-day coaching space in a small Self Mastery School setting!

   Diamond Bio Field Activated Practitioners working on you and with you. Energy that you have never felt like this before!

   You will feel it, sense it, see it, receive it, fall in love with it, and expand in it.

   Our Diamond Active Team can initiate as many as wish to attend.

   For your fullest comprehension you will do the entire 4 sections of the School as outlined in the book Diamond Matrix Masters Self Mastery Level 1, by Ruth Elisabeth.

   1. The LIGHT BODY SETUP WITH DIAMOND LIGHT CODE teaching attunements, Alignment and Soul connection. (This deeply comprehensive session information will be emailed to you).

   2. DON'T PLAY THE GAME! The infamous multidimensional construct on an A4 piece of paper.  To see creates an internal shift of 70-90%. Pure genius!

   3. VIBRATIONAL MATCHING. This teaches on such hidden Vibrational Lores and the 2 vibrational Alignments that most people rarely get to understand. The vibrational fabric, nature and makeup, and operation of the Lore of Acquisition and its vital 2 lessor Lores interacting with the Quantum Field. Understand this and a Plan B life must dissolve to make way for Plan A creating.

   4. 3 x 1 hr Diamond Reconnections with qualified Practitioners approved by Diamond Matrix Masters. To permanently open your Heart Chakra. (On your return home)

   8 hrs of activation's & attunements.

   Learn the fundamentals of the Diamond 4 Body Wellness approach.

   Defrag old matrix's of living. We remove hidden influences that powerfully hold us back. No one would ever know.

   Meet your Board of Directors. Your internal power pack! They are Divine.

   30 Days Diamond Practitioner Coaching.

   Free access to private FB Group and support.

   Coach you until you get it!


  SUNSHINE COAST    7-10 Sept 2019       Buy ticket/payment plan 

  BRISBANE                     14-17 Sept 2019      Buy ticket/payment plan 

  GOLD COAST             21-23 Sept 2019      Buy ticket/payment plan

                                 * all prices are in USD


We attract earths GAME CHANGERS! Our Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness Schools, attracts Game Changers, Teachers, Healers, Alternate Practitioners and Leaders who specialize, yes, in your field of expertise but want to lift your focus and skills to the new Diamond Bio-Energy & Quantum knowledge. You want the new way to operate and have felt this Shift coming. Yes, we have all been knowing this within ourselves.

The Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness School, is a 4 Day experience that will totally consolidate past knowledge into new Quantum knowledge and Universal Lore’s, on Heart Activated Being. The next action on your list of things to learn. We demonstrate how to bring vibrational effect to every desire and intention. This is so clearly taught in a new formula that accelerates one from an effort and hard work, to living the desired outcomes.

Not seen before in this simple format, Ruth Elisabeth has designed an accelerated process to attain all anticipated results. It is truly genius!

If you are want to experience a new paradigm of thought, action and powerful impartations of quantum influence, this new method is for you!


How will the Quantum School Benefit You? 

    Learn the Diamond Quantum Living with 4 Body Wellness Model

    Be updated on Universal, Global and Spiritual Relations

    Receive the Diamond Energy through attunements and energetic activation's

    Activate and open Heart Chakra permanently

    Heal your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Bodies, yes we heal you!

   Learn how to be a Light Worker and it's Universal Lore

   Diffuse your default Vibrational Matching system from Plan B to PLAN A

   Re-direct your life to Plan A through Vibrational Matching and the Lore of Acquisition

   Connect into your inner gifts, knowledge, and destiny

   Bring Clarity and precision to your vision, with action-based activities

   Learn how to apply these Universal Principles to ANY topic of personal or professional interest

   Be shown how to activate Quantum 4 Body Wellness into all areas of your life: work, business, family, and  community

   Three Diamond Reconnection Healing sessions with one of our DMM Healers

   And receive 30 days of DMM Coaching with one of our Diamond Active Practitioners!

   Our DMM Practitioners can support you in-person, over the phone or online, and provide resources for you to use daily.

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