Diamond Healing Services


Our Diamond Activated Coaching Practitioners offer a range of services for your Quantum 4 Body Wellbeing. As a vibrational energetic system, we balance and align your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Bodies using the new Diamond Bio Field energies.

In this Heart connected experience, our practice is to hold you vibrationally and intentionally to your highest vibrational outcome. There is nothing that can not be removed from your vibrational Light Body. Our Diamond Active Practitioners have the tools, techniques, and Diamond power to shift anything that you may be experiencing. 

Whether dealing with external influences, mental and emotional unwellness, relationship breakdowns or spiritual needs, our team is able to get to the cause and shift the vibrational effect. 



FOR Physical, Mental & Emotional Healing 


Phenomenal healings occur with the Diamond Bio Energy Healing. In this 90 minute session your Diamond Active Practitioner takes you through a series of energetic alignments and sets up your Light Body and your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies. You gain:

  • An energetic defrag of your 4 vibrational Bodies utilising Diamond Bio Field energy                              
  • A Brain Chemistry Rebalance 
  • Neuro networks reset
  • Physical Body pathways reset                                                                                                     
  • Auric Field cleansed and reset up
  • Taught on who you are from a Quantum Living perspective
  • Vibrational anomalies removed


Phenomenal healings occur with the Diamond Bio Energy. Alignment and Balance is achieved by:

  • Diamond Bio Energy Infusion
  • A Brain Chemistry Rebalance                                                                                                         
  • Neuro networks reset Physical Chemical Body Balanced



Instant relief. migraines, headaches, agression, anxiety, or depression this is an immediate fix. Diamond Bio Energy is powerful in its nature to know you personally and your integral makeup and its ability to restore you back to your natural internal settings. This works immediately on Mental Health issues, Emotional woundings, Physical pain and restores internal balances. Brain Chemistry Re-Balance is the first procedure in every session with Diamond Matrix Masters Practitioners. 



The Environmental Defrag is our fun way of describing a complete property cleanse to energetically clear your home, office or workspace of current energetic hindrances, lower energy vibrations, spirits or dense energy from entire buildings and property. It can allieviate children and adult anxiety, assist with sleep, remove entities and spirits and dissolve vibrations. 

  • Spiritual theory on protection
  • Past and current practices of property cleansing
  • Hidden influences, including mental health
  • DMM theory with Environmental Defrag of Healers home or work space
  • DMM practical building and property cleanse (no matter size) We have done cattle Stations:)
  • Changes neighbour relationships
  • Changes internal relationships
  • Have a property that on entry, everyone loves and relaxes in
  • Is a major contributer to removing mental health issues i.e. sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, anger and challenging behaviours, child traumas, nightmare's 
  • Physically heals adults and children
  • Synchronises life


Being Healers and Teachers, our first priority is to educate around energy vibration, along Quantum 4 Body Wellness principles that incorporate the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies. We give nonjudgmental assistance to change vibrational environmental structures that have dominated a persons life.

Children are being subjected to enormous amounts of stress, mental health diagnosis and medications, not to mention vaccinations regimes and normalised pharmacutical treatments and added supplements. These diagnosis coupled with external behaviors and tensions within a family is not conducive to ease of living, with many just overwhelmed.

New sciences prove that we are vibrational beings and our work proves daily that symptoms can be removed, as vibrational alignment is achieved. Alternative health is now moving from the old model into a new self governance style.

We are now at a time when the Heart energy centre is opening and for children it is easy to produce the change by simply resetting the energetic Heart centre as their imprinting is newly acquired, though their traumas of modern living can be acute. For teens and adults a full vibrational audit and relearning is necessary and is dealt with in the QUANTUM LIVING WITH 4 BODY WELLNESS SCHOOL.

We offer information evenings with a following clinic, for parents of children with different spectrum disorders, perhaps challenging behaviours or lack of focus. Resetting the Heart rhythm is a simple non touch Diamond Bio energy transfer with the result of calm and wellbeing as an outcome. Excessive activity and anxiousness fall away now. Parenting tips of what to expect and also how to lay a fresh foundation to reinforce the calmer child, is given in the information session with notes to take away.

Normally run through Heart Rhythym Reset Clinices, children’s clinic and information evenings are being set up and will be adjoining to Diamond Matrix Masters Schools.  A short Parenting School teaches parents how to respond once the children have experienced the reset.

In this appointment our Diamond Active Practitioners offer the service to families and children in need. 

The benefits are phenominal. Who is assisted? 

  • Children on the spectrum
  • Children who have experienced trauma or anxiety
  • Children with focus issues
  • Children with challenging behaviours (Though we do not focus from this viewpoint)
  • Children with dyslexia and learning dis-abilities
  • Siblings of children with any of the above who perhaps themselves have been traumatised

What is the result?

  • A quietened and more centred child
  • Prior behaviors tend to slide away (Particularly with supported parent schooling and recommended actions)
  • Tendency to correct former lived experiences and bring restitution to relationships
  • Balanced energy and action
  • Much more focused and creative
  • Parents regain equalibrium in the home
  • Need for medication can fall away naturally as their inner alignment is ignited (This energy work does not interfere with any medical diagnosis & pharmacutical intake, nor does our counsel give guidance for or against these pursuits)
  • Siblings can take a while to readjust to the newly centred child and should be individually supported in the coming months


Like children, animals and pets suffer trauma so easily and in our bid to allieviate suffering for both the 2 legged and the four legged kind, we now promote the adoption of rescue animals and animals that have suffered by the hand of unkindness or accident. It is quite easy to see if your beloved pet is disturbed, shaking and fearful, flighty, or suffering anxiety or perhaps demonstrates hyperactivity and stress. 

Animals naturally come to us for Light Work to alleviate symptoms generated by their own experiences or even symptoms passed to them by their owners Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Body states. Environmental conditions also cause stress and upheaval. They will sit at a Healers feet and absorb the Diamond Bio Field energies until complete and then they move on into another interest. 

Our Practitioners are trained to do Heart Rhythm Resets for Animals and Pets and to coach you as your furry friends transfer from old behaviors to new and calmer ways. 

Remote or in person, Diamond Bio Field energy is imparted and your friend can find peace and relaxation. Many of the former behaviors fall away. 

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We are unique individuals and no life looks the same. And that is perfect. Every vibrational life story is different, this is yours and it is real! But because of our circumstances, our relationships and our upbringings, we can sometimes feel we need some on track assistance and you are spot on!

No matter the topic, and there is no topic that we can not unpack and rediscover your power in. In every session our duty to you is to bring you back to Quantum Lore and what your life is reflecting to you, so that you can remodel your desires, your ambitions and connect with your internal power pack. We align you first then rearrange what it is that you would like to be doing with your life, your loved ones, your community and world.

   Just want one session? Do it for yourself

   Want to change a series of experiences? Our Diamond Active Practitioners how to work with you to achieve your goals

   Want to share the unutterable? This is a safe place to do so. All communication with you is confidential and each Practitioner ensures your safety and              well being

   Where have you been?

   Where are you now?

   Where are you going?

   What do you want to become a Vibrational Match to? 

We can show you how to get there at the speed of Diamond Light, just in case you missed the vehicle of travel. 

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Brings you to your destination at super sonic speed. We unpack blockages quickly, show true reason and direct you on how to direct yourself in the actions and experiences that YOU truly WANT to experience. For: