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We have a number of books and readings that we recommend but first and foremost two books come to mind:

Diamond Matrix Masters Self Mastery - Level 1

 by Ruth Elisabeth     


Although Humanity is spiraling upwards, many appear to be spiraling downwards. The Great Shift is collapsing people’s former experiences, longstanding paradigms, social institutions and even old spiritual Laws. Indeed lives are crumbling as they slide into chaos and quandary, whilst throwing their greatest efforts at it. You are not alone! This shift is causing mental health, people movement, relationship breakdowns, bizarre circumstances, even geographical relocation. Individual Souls are coming out of the closet of obscurity, to transition into true relationship with themselves and others, and into Soul-Responsibility and Self Governance. There is no choice. There is no negotiation, the time is now.

World governments have become a laughing stock and the grip of corporation control is crumbling. The Earth is being reorganised. You are being reorganised. It is time for democracy of the people. It is time to heal the Earth.

This book teaches on the Quantum Lore construct underpinning this world system, and how your daily activities within it either contribute, or suppress us under oppressive human and social Law. It shows us what The Shift is and how to come out of The Game that is this world’s system. Built on the principles of 4 Body Wellness, you will witness yourself in a completely different light to what you have been taught. Self Mastery is achieved quickly once we understand the science behind our Universal operating system. Ruth applies it frankly to many lived scenarios that we find entrapment in and inspires us with knowledge, key principles and visualisations to come out into Self Determination as an individual of the Human Race. The very Game that has controlled us has become obsolete.

Ruth Elisabeth is an educator across many modalities and trains a unique formula of Transformational Leadership not seen before. All work is tailored from key universal observances derived from a lifetime of discovery. Ruth developed a coaching construct call Diamond Matrix Masters and a School of Self Mastery. As a remote trainer in aged care, disability and cross cultural studies, Ruth was attracted to the holistic care models and founded an improved way to facilitate others into self-determination. The 4 Body Wellness model assists in releasing trauma, and mental and emotional unwellness with remarkable results.

So many answers to so many hidden questions. This book is gaining momentum! This is what you are saying:

"Up to chapter 18-so so much clicking, realising, understanding, really seeing for the first time - the veil is lifted and movement is happening 💓💓💓 Diamond Matrix Masters: Self Mastery Level 1 💕💕💕💕" Susan Ballina

''Ruth Elisabeth thank you!!! I'm understanding what has been going on in my life more and more for the last 9 months.💎💎💎'' Liz West Virginia

''Loving Kindle's "text to talk" me thru Ruth's book💎Powerful small things make this diamond shine💙💎💙'' Tracey WA

''If you are reading Ruth's book & think it's interesting or you'd like to experience any part of it DO THE PROGRAM! 
It is the FASTEST, EASIEST, EFFORTLESS transformation I have ever experienced & I wish the same for you all. Trisha Brisbane

''I'm loving the book!'' Alexandra Gold Coast

''I've just received my copy of Diamond Matrix Masters and i'm very excited. I've been through the process with Ruthy so having the book is a wonderful reminder. Its a navigational map to the new Paradigm. If everyone read this the shift would be immediate. Get on board'' Raine Nimbin

"Hi, I'm Aurora, I'm from the UK and I am a life coach, a Reiki practitioner and a channel of Light Language, I am in the process of reading the amazing book and it makes my Soul dance, it's ALL the things I believe and feel deeply just actually put into words. I am passing on the excercises to my own small closed group on Facebook and to friends and family and it is bringing them much release in their lives, particularly the Sign off the Contracts one. Could you please send me some info, I would love to know how I become a practitioner in this awesome practice and the cost please.
Thankyou in advance, and thankyou for writing that amazing book, 🙏�❤️🙏�"


The Story Teller, The Law Maker, The Creator, Me, by Tara Lacy.

Purchase ebook on Kindle or Amazon The Story Teller, The Law Maker, The Creator, Me. 

We are The Storytellers of our lives and we are the Creators of our world and we are the Lawmakers from which our creations form. Understanding this will enlighten the experience within the field of our existence and I wish to give some explanation of these things within these chapters.

These are the characteristics of your life but soon we will have no need of them as we come out will creations and into soul creations. We will no longer need stories and our laws and our will creations.

Understanding the foundational building of your life is key to moving into the love of the soul and the unlimited potential within all things.



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